About Us

Alison1derland is an online store for the fashion-obsessed woman or girl-in-the-know.  She doesn’t so much follow trends, she creates them.  She knows what's just come down the runway and what good street-style is.  She curates her closet and her look each day according to her individual spirit and how pieces look on her body.  

This store is a destination or a resource meant to lessen the time, effort and money involved in fully expressing yourself.  A fashionista uses her appearance as an outward reflection of her creativity and style.  It makes her feel good and it also qualifies her as a member of her various tribes. We aim to make it easier – adding back time to actually be out and about, looking amazing. 

Looking fashion-forward and successfully referencing highlights of the past (on the top end of the spectrum) without spending a fortune is a special talent.  Looking and feeling like you’re ‘all that’ while your bank account is still  intact – that’s a beautiful thing. 

This shop is a compendium of finds that are informed, classy, current and timeless.  The items are screened for size, quality and fit – making online shopping more rewarding and helping you make awesome choices. 

This is high-style clothing for the fashion-obsessed. We are, after all, a walking art piece, contributing to our world at large in every way.